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Style Requirements Specific to Reconstruction


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The following style guide lists requirements in addition to APA and MLA style requirements. You do not necessarily need to apply the following style requirements when you submit your article, but upon acceptance, you must update your article with them.


Please convert foot/endnote markers from superscript to standard font size, and have them appear in the text as such, prior to punctuation: [1]. Endnotes are the only method used. Please include them at the end of the same document, with all superscript markers converted to standard font size and placed in brackets.


While authors should provide the most thorough study possible, articles length should fall between approximately 5,000 to 10,000 words. Because the Internet allows almost infinite space, feel free to submit studies that might normally be dismissed by print journals for their length alone.

In the matter of reviews and review essays, the latter is any review which is over 1,000 words, the former anything under.

Paragraph Format

Each paragraph should be preceded by its sequential value, properly designated, i.e. the first paragraph by <1>, the second by <2>, the third by <3>, and so on. This is becoming standard for matters of citation so that when a second party utilizes your work, they can properly cite you, as was the case with page numbers previously.

You insert a hard break between paragraphs, meaning that there is actually a blank line between one paragraph and its successor.

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