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Preparing Accepted Articles for Online Publication


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After that your article is accepted, you are ready to prepare it for electronic publication. Refer to the checklist below for steps you take to prepare your article. After you are done making changes you send your article and associated materials to the issue editor, or, if it�s an open issue, the Reconstruction editors.





Confirm that the chosen style guide has been applied and indicate on page 1 of your article which style guide you�re using.

Refer to online resources for style guidelines.

Your article will be returned for updates if it does not meet style requirements.


Remove all special formatting from the article

Special formatting can include:

  • Colored text
  • Drop caps
  • Header/footer text
  • Auto-formatted endnotes
  • Third-party citation generation software


Include a one paragraph biography.

Your bio should be between 50 and 100 words. Include it on on page 1 of the manuscript and indicate your preferred email address.


Include statement of authorization.

Include a statement in the article acknowledging that the author(s) of the piece authorize its review for publication in Reconstruction, and that it is currently not under review elsewhere or has previously been published in whole or in part (although exceptions can be made in the case of the latter).


Include three keywords.

You can use the following keywords: Age Studies; Anthropology; Art History; Communication; Culture Studies; Ecocriticism; Education; Ethics; Ethnography; Feminism; Gender, Sex & Sexuality; Geography; Globalization, Transnationalism & Postnationalism; History (may specify region or period); Industrialism & Development; Linguistics & Semiotics; Literature; Media; Marxism; Modernism/Postmodernism; Museums & Archives; Music; Peace Studies; Philosophy; Place & Space; Political Science; Postcolonialism; Poststructuralism; Psychoanalysis; Queer Theory; Race & Ethnicity; Religion; Rhetoric; Science & Technology; Sociology; Television & Film; Theater & Performing Arts; Urban Studies; Visual Culture.


Save your article in .rtf, .doc, or docx format.

If you are using an open source or online text editor, save the file as one of the listed file types.


Include your last name in the article�s file name.

If two or more authors author a piece, use both last names in the filename. If an author or authors submit more than one article, she or he append the a number in the file name to differentiate between each article.


Send the completed article to the issue editor.

Indicate that the article is ready for electronic publishing.

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