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Melanie Swalwell


Melanie Swalwell's research centres on new media arts and digital games, as well as the intersections of these. She completed a PhD on intersections between the senses, technology and affect in 2002 (University of Technology, Sydney). Since then, her essays have appeared in Convergence, Reconstruction, Realtime and various other venues. With Jason Wilson, Melanie has edited a collection of essays attending to the particular pleasures and engagements of computer gameplay (forthcoming, McFarland & Co). She leads the NZTronix project, which is researching the history and preservation needs of early digital games in New Zealand ( Other work addresses the development of LAN gaming groups in Australia and New Zealand. In April 2006, Melanie's scholarly multimedia piece "Cast-offs from the Golden Age" appeared in the online peer reviewed journal Vectors ( - "Ephemera", vol. 2). 


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