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Alan Clinton

Alan Ramón Clinton is Assistant Professor of English at Gulf University for Science and Technology. He is the author of two scholarly works on poetics, spiritualism, and technology, Mechanical Occult: Automatism, Modernism, and the Specter of Politics (Peter Lang: 2004) and Intuitions in Literature, Technology, and Politics: Parabilities (Palgrave: 2012). He is also a poet and fiction writer, with a volume of poems, Horatio Alger's Keys (BlazeVOX 2008) and a collection of short fictions entitled Curtain Call: A Metaphorical Memoir (Open Books, 2010). His novel, Necropsy in E Minor, published by Open Books in June 2011, was shortlisted for the Dundee International Book Prize. His most recent novel is The Autobiography of Buster Keaton (Montag Press, 2014).

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