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Andy Chiu

Andy Man-chung Chiu, LLB (Hons) (HKU), PhD (Law) (Warwick), LLM (Ren-Min, PRC), LLM (CityU, HK), LLM (Strathclyde, Scotland) is currently the Associate Professor of Law and Business in Shue Yan University (Hong Kong). He has worked in the Law School of City University of Hong Kong, Equal Opportunities Commission of Hong Kong, School of Law of Charles Darwin University (Australia) and School of Law of James Cook University (Australia). He has published extensively in the area of Gender / Sexuality and Law; articles can be found in refereed journals like Feminist Legal Studies, International Journal of Sociology of Law, King's College Law Review and Asian Journal of Social Science. Books published include: Eros of Law, Ambiguity - Desire-Law, and Law for Social Workers in Hong Kong (Co-ed Vera Lam).


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