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Alexandra Ganser

Alexandra Ganser studied English and History at the Universities of Vienna, Austria and Trieste, Italy. Her M.A. thesis dealt with the concepts of memory and spectrality in novels by Ken Kesey and Leslie Silko. She received a Fulbright grant for research on her PhD-project "A Road of Her Own: American Women's Road Literature, 1970-2000" at the University of Oklahoma at Norman, where she was also a lecturer in German. She is assistant professor in English and a member of the doctoral program "Cultural Hermeneutics: Reflections of Difference and Transdifference," sponsored by the German federal research fund (DFG), at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany. Her interests include gender studies, space and mobility studies, Native American Studies, and ecocriticism. Her website, including a list of publications, can be found at

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