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Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture (ISSN: 1547-4348) is an innovative online cultural studies journal dedicated to fostering an intellectual community composed of scholars and their audience, granting them all the ability to share thoughts and opinions on the most important and influential work in contemporary interdisciplinary studies. Reconstruction publishes three Themed Issues and one Open Issue per year.

Send Open Issue submissions (year round) to: and submissions for Themed Issues to the appropriate editors listed on the site at

Reconstruction also accepts proposal for special issue editors and topics. Reconstruction is indexed in the MLA International Bibliography.


The following is a constantly updated collection of CFPs for currently planned Open and Themed Issues, including contact information. Please refer to our Submissions page for general submission guidelines and peer review process. Potential Guest Editors, please view our FAQs page.

CFP Categories:
African-American, American, cultural studies and historical approaches, ethnicity and national identity, film and television, gender studies and sexuality, general announcements, humanities, computing and the internet, interdisciplinary, journals and collections of essays, popular culture, rhetoric and composition, science and culture, theory, twentieth century and beyond.

NOTE: Reconstruction CFPs are regularly posted to the following listservs: H-Net, CULTSTUD-L, UPenn, Anthropology Matters, e-NASS, intertheory, and CACS. To suggest another listserv for our CFP postings, please contact the Managing Editor.



Recon Alan Clinton: Submissions Editor, Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture
Open Issues Alan Clinton, Submissions Editor, Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture
Themed Issue (Guest Edited) Marc Ouellette, Managing Editor, Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture

Open Issues

Contact: Reconstruction Submissions Editor

We are continually accepting submissions for upcoming Open Issues, and can promise a prompt reply.

Submissions may be created from a variety of perspectives, including, but not limited to: geography, ethnography, cultural studies, folklore, architecture, history, sociology, linguistics, psychology, communications, music, philosophy, political science, semiotics, theology, art history, queer theory, literature, criminology, urban planning, gender studies, education, graphic design, etc. Both theoretical and empirical approaches are welcomed.

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Guest Editor of Upcoming Themed Issue

Contact: Reconstruction Managing Editor

Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture is always interested in proposals for future Themed Issues. If you are interested in proposing a Themed Issue, please review our FAQ for Prospective Guest Editors and contact the Reconstruction Managing Editor for further information.

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