Reconstruction 6.4 (2006)

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danah boyd works in the School of Information at the University of California, Berkeley.

Erica Johnson is a graduate student in American Civilization at the University of Clermont-Ferrand II, France.

Tama Leaver is an avid blogger, with a strong interest in digital culture from the rise of the blogosphere to changing landscapes of commercial media in the face of participatory culture. He has a background in cultural studies, film studies and comparative literature. Tama recently completed my doctoral candidature in English, Communication & Cultural Studies at the University of Western Australia. The thesis was entitled "Artificialities: From Artificial Intelligence to Artificial Culture - Subjectivity, Embodiment and Technology in Contemporary Speculative Texts." He maintains two blogs--Ponderance and Tama's eLearning Blog--and is currently a lecturer at the University of Western Australia.

Anna Notaro has a BA in Modern Languages (Italy), an MA in The Language and Philosophy of Criticism (UK), and a Ph.D in English Literature (UK). Over her ten year career Dr Notaro has contributed to the following Research Projects: 'Imperial Cities: Landscape, Space and Performance in Rome and London (1850-1950)', Royal Holloway, University of London (1995-1997); 'Literary and Visual representations of Three American Cities 1870s-1930s'. University of Nottingham ( UK), (1997-2003): Project's Web Site Currently, she serves as Lecturer in Media Theory, University of Dundee (UK). Her publications include various articles in the field of urban/visual culture, and City Sites: Chicago and New York, 1870s to 1930s, Electronic Book, A. Notaro et al. eds. University of Birmingham Press, 2000, freely available at She is researching a book provisionally entitled Introduction to the Blogosphere. Areas of current teaching and research are New Media, Film Studies (Cinema & New Technologies), Digital Culture, and Net art.

Craig Saper, author of Artificial Mythologies and Networked Art, is currently the Guest co-Editor, Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge, special issue on Drifting, in process/Fall 2006. He has recent media work in Hyperrhiz: New Media Cultures 1(2), Performance Research, 9 (1), CultureWork: A Periodic Broadside for Arts and Culture Workers 9 (2), and Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory, 4, 2 as well as a series of articles and reports in Rhizomes. He has chapters in At A Distance: Precursors to Art and Activism on the Internet, The Allen Smithee Case, and The Fluxus Reader. He is Professor of Texts and Technology in the Department of English at Central Florida.

Laxman D. Satya is Professor of History at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania.

Larry M. Taylor is an independent critic and art historian. He has written on minimalism, art and literature, skepticism, spirituality, and contemporary art. His last review for Reconstruction was of Carrie Mae Weems's "Louisiana Project" at SECCA in Winston-Salem, NC. He is currently based in Berkeley, CA.

Esther Herman is a blogger who lives in Iran.

Carmel Vaisman writes 3 Hebrew-language weblogs, one of which is her PhD blog within her researched community. Oh, and she designed it herself...

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